Thursday, September 20, 2012

"National Anthem"

          It was announced a couple of weeks back, that Lana Del Rey would be the new face of H&M's Fall Collection.
If you haven't heard of Lana Del Rey, You must have been living under a prehistoric under formed rock, in the cretaceous period. She is a Singer, songstress who uses her love of nostalgia as inspiration for her smooth steady lyrics. Lana 's self assurance, and 60's inspired style has single-handedly secured her spot in the spotlight, and of course on the front covers of National Magazines.
Truth is Lana is my weak spot.
There is just something about her essence that just evokes and brings me to her. It's the music, her sincerity. It BLEEDS through, and envelops me in a coma inducing warm crimson red liquid, that just reminds me that, in the end, things will be alright. 
       This is exactly why she is a perfect choice for H&M's Fall line. Especially in a time that inspires to be vintage yet modern and chic, Lana fits the bill to a perfect T. Each article of clothing is reminiscent of a time, where elegance and glamour were the only choice, and a simple sultry flash of skin can evoke any mans longing for them.   
        You should definitely visit your LOCAL H&M and pick up their Fall Line, it's fabulous and definitely on Trend. You will be turning heads in NO time.



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