Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Narnia Exists

A couple of days ago, I went thrifting with a friend. Over the past couple of months, I have really been fascinated with clothes, and style and the unique ability it has to draw someone to you. I think everyone believes they are fashionable, especially in High School, But after you graduate and enter the real world. It's a different ball park. Recently I won a contest, and had the beautiful opportunity to go to Denmark as an H&M trendscout, and I was exposed to a more diverse world of fashion, which of course I bought back with me to the US.
Just thought I would share, and also, I just made a Lookbook account.
If you have time check it out, I'm still so very new to the site, and hope to figure it out as soon as I can <3
-Blessed Be.

and a Sneak shot of my beautiful Friend Brittany, who has been kind enough to be featured in my youtube videos. :3
 And we washed the day down, with yummu sushi and egg rolls.... Actually I ate all the egg rolls :3

So basically it was an A+ day ;)

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